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October 2017


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URGENT UPDATE: Antigua & Barbuda CIP Reduces Cost by 50%

Last Thursday, October 12th, 2017 the Government of Antigua and Barbuda has passed a Cabinet decision to reduce the National Development Fund (NDF) investment minimum by half:

  • For a family of up to 4: investment lowered to $100,000 (from $200,000)
  • For a family of 5 or more: investment lowered to $125,000 (from $250,000)

This cost reduction will apply to all applications submitted as from November 1st, 2017.

Please note that government processing fees, due-diligence fees and passport fees remain the same, so does the processing time. The Government reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time without prior notice.

To view the full list of applicable fees visit Antigua Investment Requirements page.

With the announced cost reduction Antigua and Barbuda CBI Program has become the most affordable program for families applications in the Caribbean and even worldwide. Please refer to the comparison chart below:


Citizenship through non-refundable contribution to Government Fund

A series of price reduction announcements have been made by the Governments following passage of 2 devastating category 5 hurricanes, Irma and Maria, during the 2017 Caribbean Hurricane Season. St. Kitts & Nevis has announced Donation minimum reduction by 50% in late September. Dominica and Grenada followed suit. Caribbean states are counting on the funds raised by their Citizenship By Investment Programs to assist in their efforts to rebuild the country, rehabilitate its damaged infrastructure, homes and businesses.

Antigua Citizenship Program was launched in 2013 and has been offering one of the strongest and most desirable passports in the region. Among the other benefits Antigua & Barbuda offers its citizens visa-free travel to 135+ countries worldwide, freedom of movement within CARICOM and lifetime diplomatic protection.

Please feel free to contact CSL for more details, updated brochure or personalized cost quotation. We look forward to continue providing CSL clients and certified partners worldwide with industry-leading service and customer experience.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Dominica Raises Age Limit for Children and Lowers Fees

Dominica Citizenship By Investment program has just been polished with a number of updates to make it even more attractive for both single applicants and families. As announced on Thursday, September 26, 2017 and effective immediately, the following changes were implemented:

(1) The maximum age of qualifying child dependents is increased to 30 years, inclusive. 
To qualify, the child of 18-30 yrs must be enrolled in full time attendance at a recognized institution of higher learning after his or her eighteenth birthday and fully supported by the main applicant.
Moreover, an unmarried daughter of the main applicant who is aged thirty years of age or under, and is living with and fully supported by the main applicant will now qualify as well

(2) Government Due Diligence Fee for the spouse of main applicant has been reduced from US$7,500 to US$4,000

(3) Government Processing Fee has been reduced from US$3,000 to US$1,000, payable upon submission of applications under the Citizenship by Investment Program.

(4) Certificate of Naturalization Fee is reduced from US$750 per certificate to US$250 per certificate.

(5) Adding or removing a dependent prior to approval in principle is now allowed, subject to terms and conditions.

(6) Cost of adding a child born after Approval in Principle has been significantly reduced. Contact CSL citizenship experts for more details.


Please note that the revised qualifying criteria and reduced fees are valid until 31 March 2018 only, and applicable exclusively to citizenship investors who apply via the Economic Development Fund (non-refundable government donation option).

These Program amendments ensure that Dominica remains the most affordable Citizenship By Investment program for a single applicant in the world. Please see the comparison chart below. To view the revised list of applicable fees visit Dominica Investment Requirements.


Citizenship through a non-refundable contribution to Government Fund

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