Become a Certified Partner

Diversification of Passport Portfolios has become a growing trend over the past decade. Every year, according to the BBC, several thousand people spend a total of more than US$2 billion to add a second and sometimes third passport to their “portfolio.” The market is growing and governments are competing for the 20,000 or so families globally each year that are investing in residency and citizenship programs. In the past five years, the number of countries offering citizenship and/or residency, in exchange for a donation or property investments has nearly doubled.

Make it part of your business. Become a Certified Agent in Citizenship-By-Investment.

Contact us today to learn how becoming a CSL Certified Partner can add value to your business in three key areas:

  • Grow your business and revenue: Evolve into new business models and expand your role as a trusted advisor
  • Innovate and expand your services portfolio: Offer a breadth of solutions that can best serve your clients’ needs
  • Access extra services and sales support: Adapt to changing business environments while improving service quality


Who is eligible to become a CSL Certified Partner?

Whether you are in the legal, real estate, tax planning, wealth management, banking, accounting, concierge or luxury travel business, partnering with CSL can help you increase your services offered, win more clients, strengthen existing relationships and expand your business.


What are the benefits for CSL Certified Partner?

We offer our partners:

  • immediate responses to inquiries and quotation requests;
  • personalized sales support;
  • hand-picked viable investment options;
  • up to date marketing tools and a tailor-made Certified Partner Toolkit;
  • local representation and ground handling for your clients when visiting the Caribbean.


Why Partner with CSL?

For the fastest, most efficient and confidential service, partner directly with an experienced local immigration company. Since we represent all of the Caribbean Immigration Programs, CSL is your one-stop shop for your clients’ immigration needs at a cost-effective rate.

Our unrivaled reputation, expertise and experience with Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs and Real Estate allows us to give our partners the highest level of service that clients have come to expect.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in the Caribbean citizenship programs and real estate investment. CSL has helped thousands of investors from Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa with their immigration needs. We are one of most experienced, efficient and trustworthy Government authorized Citizenship-By-Investment providers in the region.


Please contact us today to apply for membership in CSL Certified Partner Program and receive your Certified Partner Toolkit.