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December 2017


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URGENT UPDATE: Grenada Cuts Investment Minimum for Single Applicants

On November 24th, 2017 the CIU of Grenada has announced changes to its Citizenship-By-Investment Program investment requirements.

It states: “A decision has been made to differentiate individual applicants from family applicants under the National Transformation Fund donation option by introducing a category for individual applicants at a contribution of US$150,000. This change will come into effect once the corresponding regulation under the Citizenship-by-Investment Act No. 15 of 2013 is gazetted. This is expected to be put in place before the end of the year.”

Thus, the donation amount for single applicants has been reduced from US$200,000 to US$150,000 and became more affordable for single applicants seeking visa-free travel to China, Russia and USA E-2 visa option. More on the benefits of Grenadian passport please see Grenada Citizenship Benefits page.

Please note that the change affects the National Transformation Fund donation option only. To see the revised list of all applicable fees visit: Grenada Fees and Requirements.

Please feel free to contact CSL for more details, updated brochure or personalized cost quotation. We look forward to continue providing CSL clients and certified partners worldwide with industry-leading customer service.

Antigua Announces Change of Age Requirements

Following the announcements made by Antigua & Barbuda in October 2017 cutting the investment minimum by 50%, the Citizenship Unit has released a new communique last week informing that the age of dependent children has been raised to 28 years, effective immediately.

A child of the Main Applicant or spouse may be considered a dependent for the purpose of citizenship application as long as that child is 28 or younger, unmarried, in full-time education at the time of application, with more than six months of education remaining at the time of application, and fully financially supported by the Main Applicant.

Please note that government processing fees, due-diligence fees and passport fees for dependent children 25-28 yrs are charged the same as for children 18-25 yrs.

To view the full list of applicable fees visit Antigua Investment Requirements page.

The Antigua Citizenship Program was launched in 2013 and has been offering one of the strongest and most desirable passports in the region. Among the other advantages of Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship offers visa-free travel to 135+ countries worldwide. With the announced 50% cost reduction Antigua and Barbuda CBI Program has become the most affordable program for families in the Caribbean and Worldwide.

We encourage all clients and agents to start preparations to submit your citizenship applications as early as possible to take advantage of the lowered fees.

2017 International Migration Summit in Guangzhou, China

Earlier this month CSL team has participated in the 2017 International Migration Summit in Guangzhou, China, where Echo Gao, CSL Business Development Manager for Asia, hosted a panel discussion with analysis on New CBI Policies in the Caribbean and US E2 Visa Application for Grenada passport holders.

The Summit on Nov. 8-10 has welcomed more than 400 attendees, including over 100 Chinese migration agencies around China and nearly 60 overseas project companies. Participants included government officials, property developers, attorneys, service providers, regional center operators, and representatives of leading Chinese agencies. Migration agencies around China were looking for immigration or investment programs from the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Holland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Portugal, France, Thailand, Japan, the Caribbean and some other countries.

To follow the events that CSL is attending visit: https://corporatesolutionsltd.com/meet-us.

The next IMS event is scheduled to be held in May 2018 in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

CSL’s Echo Gao at panel discussion

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