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Newsletter June 2020

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June 2020


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Covid Relief Special Offer -50% on CSL Legal Fees

At Corporate Solutions Ltd (CSL) we believe that it is every local business’ duty to do its part in boosting the Caribbean Economy after the pandemic-related business slow down.

For this reason CSL is excited to announce that we are launching our own Covid-19 Relief Special Offer!


– CSL Legal Fees are reduced by 50%

– CSL Legal Fees are paid only after
Approval in Principle is received

Offer valid for all new Citizenship Applications submitted until 30 August 2020.

Act today! Contact CSL Citizenship Experts for more details.
We are just a phone call away.

Saint Lucia's New Special Offer: COVID-19 Relief Bond

Prime Minister Chastanet of Saint Lucia, together with Nestor Alfred, the head of the CIU, announced several significant family-friendly changes to the country’s citizenship by investment program, which until now was most attractive to single applicants.


Effective immediately investors will be able to qualify for Saint Lucia citizenship through the purchase of a new, fully refundable non-interest-bearing Government bond, called the COVID-19 Relief Bond. The bond amount is 100% refundable at the end of the holding period and is only payable upon approval of the application.

Offer Valid Until 31 December 2020

$250,000.00 Single Applicant (Previously $500,000)
$250,000.00 Single Applicant + up to 4 dependent family members (Previously $575,000)
$30,000 Reduced Government Administration Fees (Previously $50,000)
$0 Application Processing Fees (Previously $2,000 main applicant and $1,000 for each qualifying dependent)

BENEFITS of the Covid Relief Bond:

  • Saving of $295,000 for a family of 5 compared to previous Bond investment requirement;
  • 100% of Bond investment amount is refunded at the end of the holding period;
  • Bonds holding period only 5-7 years, depending on selected option;
  • Processing fees are waived;
  • Administrative fee is reduced by $20,000.


Minimum investment amount that qualifies a foreign national for a lifetime citizenship in Saint Lucia has been reduced:

$100,000 For Single Applicant
$140,000 Applicant + Spouse (Previously $165,000)
$150,000 Single Applicant + Spouse + up to 2 dependent family members
(previously $190,000)
$15,000 For addition of any further dependent family members, per person (previously $25,000).


And finally, some exciting news for existing economic citizens: the cost of adding a newborn child has been reduced from $25,000 to just $500!

More details on Saint Lucia investment fees, requirements and citizenship benefits are available on Saint Lucia Second Citizenship page.

The Best Time to Apply for Your 2nd Passport is NOW!

Amid the Covid-19 lock downs and business closures many of us find ourselves with some unexpected extra free time.

Regardless of worldwide slow down, CSL is open and ready to serve you as always. Government Citizenship Units are accepting applications online, CSL processing specialists are available by phone and e-mail.

Why not use this down time to invest in the second citizenship that you have been putting off for so long!

To schedule an online meeting with our immigration consultants please send us a request at

If you would like to receive more information or assistance preparing your Citizenship by Investment application, please feel free to contact us directly for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.