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December 2019


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Saint Lucia Will Now Accept New Qualifying Dependents

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit announced the acceptance of applications from qualifying dependents of persons who have previously acquired citizenship as per the corresponding Memorandum of 6th May 2019.

This means, that all persons who have acquired Saint Lucia citizenship and subsequently have been married or had a baby will now be able to pass their Saint Lucian citizenship to their new spouse or a new child.

The qualifying dependents include:

  • a qualifying dependent when the application was made by a citizen;
  • a child born after the application was made by a citizen;
  • a spouse of a citizen that was married after the application was made by a citizen;
  • where the application for CIP by the qualifying dependent is made no more than 5 years after the application was made by the citizen.

All application forms to be completed by a qualifying dependent are the current application forms. The mandatory document that shall be required from the citizen is the Sworn Affidavit of support of Qualifying Dependent. Additional documents, that had been acquired after being granted citizenship, might be required if applicable.

Applicable due diligence fees:

  • USD$5,000 for each qualifying dependent over 16th years of age

The non-refundable processing fee:

  • USD$1,000 for each qualifying dependent

A qualified and approved applicant with a granted application is a subject for qualifying investment as follows:

  • Spouse of a Citizen — US$35.000
  • Qualifying dependents of a Citizen other than a spouse — US$25.000 each

For a full list of investment options, requirements, and fees please refer to Citizenship by Investment Santa Lucia. For a personalized quote and any further qualifications please contact CSL citizenship specialists. 

Recall of Antigua & Barbuda Machine Readable Passports

We are writing to inform you that the Government of Antigua & Barbuda has passed a Cabinet decision to recall any machine readable passports that were issued prior to 2nd May, 2017 and are replacing them with e-passports for enhanced security. Kindly note that all citizens whose passport numbers do not begin with the “AB” are required to comply with this directive.Please note:

1.    The passport recall commenced on 1st June 2019 and ends 30th June, 2020.

2.    All machine readable Antigua & Barbuda passports will be invalid as of the 1st July, 2020.

3.    To apply for the e-passports, applicants must complete the passport application, pay the stipulated government sum of US$300.00 and submit the following:

a.    Certified copy of the Certificate of Registration
b.    Two passport size pictures, one of which must be certified
c.    Certified copy of birth certificate
d.    Certified copy of marriage and or divorce certificates
e.    The Antigua & Barbuda passport

4.    All documentation must be submitted as customary through the CIU for processing by the Passport Office.

You may find an official diplomatic communique here: Antigua & Barbuda Diplomatic Note on the Recall of Passports. Should you have any further queries, we remain available to provide guidance as needed.

Antigua & Barbuda Boasts 165 Visa-Free Countries

As per the recent update from Antigua MFA office, Antigua & Barbuda have reached 165 visa-free countries on its visa-free travel list.

New countries that topped up the number of Antigua & Barbuda visa-free countries now include Russia, Kosovo, India, Bolivia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that in addition to countries of the European Union, including the United Kingdom, Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda now enjoy visa-free entry to 165 jurisdictions, including 124 sovereign states, 13 British Overseas Territories, 10 Overseas Departments and Collectivities of France, 6 Dutch Territories and 3 Territories of other European countries.

Apart from the safety and stress-free lifestyle, a continuously growing number of countries with visa-free entry now allows even more new opportunities for business, education, and recreation.

The Governments’ efforts to garnering respect for the integrity of the Antigua & Barbuda passport will even more intensify diplomatic negotiations in the coming months.

You may download a full up-to-date list of all visa-free countries here: Antigua & Barbuda Visa-Free Countries List

CSL Office in Dubai Relocated to Churchill Towers

Corporate Solutions Ltd is proud to announce the new location of our Dubai branch. We are now located at:

Churchill Commercial Towers
Office 509, 5th Floor
Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
P: +971 4 572 6739

How much does it cost to become a Global Citizen?
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Our multinational team speaks English, Mandarin, Russian and French.

We look forward to assisting you and your family in becoming Global Citizens.

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