Personalized Quote and CSL Legal Fees

By now we trust you have had the chance to research our informative website and find the abundance of useful information on the Caribbean Citizenship-By-Investment (CBI) programs that allow qualifying individuals legally obtain a second lifetime citizenship and tax residency.

The total cost of the CBI Application consists of the following 3 components:

  1. Government Fees
  2. Investment Amount (Donation amount or Real Estate purchase value)
  3. Agent’s Legal Fees (also known as Professional Fees)

Professional fees for CSL services are based on a number of factors such as jurisdiction, family composition, individual case complexity, etc. CSL legal fees are reflective of our team’s experience, professionalism, reliability and industry leading customer service. No part of our services is outsourced to any third party at any time throughout the process. CSL has the resources at our own disposal to provide the frustration free service that HNW clients are accustomed to expect, including your personal citizenship advisor and response time within 24 hrs.

To request a free no obligation personalized quote please complete the Evaluation Form below and click SEND. After receiving your completed form we will assess your situation, provide a free cost quotation and inform you of the next steps.

Why is it necessary to complete the Evaluation Form?

  1. Some of the countries offering citizenship-by-investment have imposed restrictions on the citizens of certain countries.
  2. Age limits in place for the individuals that may be included as dependents in your family application vary greatly by jurisdiction.
  3. Individuals that have ever been denied visas, residency or citizenship in certain countries are not eligible to apply.
  4. There are certain other circumstances that may either prohibit individuals from participating in any of the programs or require further investigations.

What is the next step?

Before accepting any application, as a Government Authorized Agent, we conduct a preliminary screening free of charge on all applicants to eliminate delays, ensure a successful application and confirm their eligibility in meeting the Government’s requirements. In order to complete the initial due-diligence and confirm your eligibility we will require only the pre-screening form completed by the main applicant and sent electronically to along with passport copies of all adult applicants.

Based on the details provided on your completed pre-screening questionnaire, we will respond to your email within 24 hours confirming whether or not you and any dependent family members are eligible to apply for the citizenship program of your choice. Once an applicant is confirmed as eligible, we will provide a full and final cost breakdown and give you a call to answer any of your remaining questions.

In the case of a negative evaluation we will recommend further professional consultation in person or by phone. If at all possible our experienced team will find a suitable solution for your situation.

Information provided in the evaluation and pre-screening forms is strictly confidential and is not shared with any third party.

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