Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Benefits

Antigua & Barbuda citizenship benefits will provide peace of mind in an every changing world. Acquiring Antigua & Barbuda citizenship gives you and your family the freedom to travel visa-free and conduct business in more than 135 countries worldwide.

Citizenship from Antigua & Barbuda provides you, the investor, and your applicable dependent family members up to the age of 25, as well as parents over 58 years of age, with the advantages of Lifetime Citizenship.

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Benefits include:

  • Fast – A fast track solution to citizenship in three to six months
  • Flexible – Dual citizenships are permitted; Dependents are eligible for citizenship
  • Secure – A peaceful, democratic and politically stable country
  • Permanent – Citizenship can be passed on to future generations
  • Tax Advantages – No capital gains tax, no wealth tax, no gift tax or inheritance tax
  • Practical – Visa-free travel to more than 135 countries worldwide, including United Kingdom and European Schengen States. View the list of Visa-Free countries.
  • Profitable – Real estate offers income and capital gains opportunities
  • Convenient – Direct airline access to many regions of the world
  • Welcoming – Delightful year-round climate and warm friendly people

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